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Attention MEN...It's Time To:

Go From Stuck to Knowing Your Life Purpose in 5 Days

During this ACTION PACKED workshop I will be walking you through a powerful process for life design, where you will:

Gain crystal clarity about your true life's purpose

Get a 5 step blueprint for leveraging your purpose for a life of more fulfilment, money and freedom

Learn 3 powerful, yet outrageously simple mental techniques that will take you from unsure to unstoppable

Discover your values and how to use them as rocket fuel for true motivation in life

Walk out with an actionable plan to redesign your life according to your purpose

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It's finally time to create a real breakthrough in your life, by finding and leveraging your true purpose for a life of more fulfilment, money and freedom!

This workshop is for you if...

You feel stuck in life and don't know how to get out

You are confused by the crazy events happening around you and think that it's time for a change

You know that you deserve a better life, but lack the clarity and motivation to act

You have a little voice deep inside you, telling that you are destined to do something important in this world, but have no idea how to implement this in your life

YES! I'm Ready to Create a Breakthrough in My Life! 

Here's what we are going to to cover during this FREE LIVE Workshop:


Sharpen your Vision!

Learn a simple but astonishingly effective routine, that will shape your vision day by day

I will guide you through a hypnotic process that will activate your hidden source of motivation and clarity for your vision


Clear the Resistance!

Learn about your hidden resistance, negative emotional patterns from the past and your unhealed trauma.

I will teach you a ninja-6-step technique from NLP that can clear your resistance in 30 minutes.


Find your Values!

If you know your values and align your life with them, you will have a life of happiness and fulfilment. Without knowing your values, you can not live out your true purpose.

Together, we will go through a powerful procedure, where you will find your first values.


Find your Purpose!

Today we are going to connect to our heart and feel through to the purpose.

I am going to guide you through a deep meditation, during which you will get a crystal clear vision of your purpose in front of you.


Become an Purpose-Driven Warrior!

Without action, there is no living your purpose.

In this final day, you will create a 5 step actionable plan redesign your life according to your purpose.

I will guide you through a procedure that will make you unstoppable and give you the dynamite rocket fuel that will propel you to live your new life

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YES! I'm Ready to Create a Breakthrough in My Life! 

About Your Host: Ivan Dynov


My name is Ivan Dynov and for a long time, I was lost, confused and insecure. Deep inside me, I have always had a yearning to do something grand, something that is bigger than me and yet, I was stuck in a painstaking purgatory between living a comfortable life, but at the same time suffering inside.

When I was 7, my wonderful childhood surrounded by love from parents and grandparents ended, as my father left us for another woman. My mom was devastated for years and made sure, that my brother and I knew how horrible of a man our father was. This of course, sticks a sharp thorn in a boy's self-worth and self-acceptance, as he projects his father's essence onto himself.

This was followed by another emotionally calamitous event: leaving our beloved, yet ruined and hurting country of Russia behind for a "promised" land in western Europe. Although exciting for us, this was another emotional disaster for our mother, which spilled over onto us.

Already hurt and battered, I had to endure the "rule" of another man trying to be my father, who I refused to recognise that way.

All of this made me direct all my sadness and anger inside and crawl into a multilayered protective shell that I put around my heart.

These events set the stage for many years of coping with pain and major insecurities. Despite of achieving many milestones, that many people would dream of (such as obtaining a PhD in math from one of the more prestigious research institutes in the world), I felt like a fraud and a failure.

That pain also led me to embarking on a journey of self-discovery. Always being curious and a problem solver, once I have discovered that you could visit a seminar and improve your confidence and self-worth, I have entered a spree of seminar and training-hopping. I have been trained in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), then in 2010 I have discovered the wonderful EFT Tapping method, which focused on for many years thereafter.

In 2010 I have also started coaching men. This was the birth of Masculine Freedom, a blog for men who struggle with relationships and dating.

Fast forward to now, I have been on a voyage of many years with ups and down, highs and lows. I have learned about business, sales, communication and finances, more
powerful coaching modalities from many different teachers and experiences. All in all, I have received certifications in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Emotional Freedom Techniques and Hypnosis Coaching.

I have also traveled the world, lived in many different countries, on 3 continents and have met people on a similar journey from all over the world. I have reached milestones and have had set backs, but have never lost my vision of living a life of true fulfilment, purpose and freedom.

In March 2020, almost 10 years after the birth of Masculine Freedom,
a major world crisis started to unfold. While sitting in my apartment in the centre of Lisbon, not being able to travel or go anywhere except for the weekly grocery shopping trip, I have felt a deep calling, a wake up nudge from "the universe", that I have to step up my game and help the world with my coaching skills and life experience. I have decided to now devote the Masculine Freedom project to helping men discover their true life purpose and reinvent their life.

Why? Because there is no time to waste anymore. You and I, my friend, we are in this together and while the world is suffering, it is our duty to step it up and finally start living the life that we desire and deserve.

So, join me on this journey of finding and living your purpose and sign up for the workshop!

What others are saying about Ivan Dynov:

I had an incredible experience yesterday! Last few days I felt really down and unmotivated. I felt like everything I’m doing is useless. I continued with EFT and LifeFlow because I just want to stick to my resolutions. I’ve been doing this meditation for 2 weeks but hadn’t feel anything. Yesterday it was different! After some time I just felt absolutely amazing feeling! I don’t how to describe it. It was so beautiful that it can’t be described in words. I just felt total peace and calm, my mind went quiet, no thoughts, worries, problems… It was amazing! Is started crying with joy… I haven’t never felt something like thisth

(Context: Two months into my three-month coaching program and following my instructions and teachings by the book, my client Petr wrote me the above message)

I have been doing coaching sessions with Ivan. On the first session the first thing I noticed was Ivan helped me to make connections between the problems I am having and memories from my past, a few times I have been like “wow” because I never realized that connection before. In our first session we looked at some early memories of my first 2 girlfriends and some emotions attached to that that were quite painful and have been effecting me all my life. I went from the session feeling relaxed and that weekend I met a girl in a club and went out with her, slept with her straight away and am having a great time seeing her. I believe this was due to me clearing out some negative memories and doing EFT with Ivan. Another thing that stands out is this is the first new girl in a few years. Before that I had just been seeing a couple of girls from my past occasionally and sleeping with them and not being that happy because they were low quality. I believe that coaching with Ivan is valuable and am able to explore things that I wasn’t able to find myself when doing EFT alone, which is why I have chosen to do more sessions with him

(Context: His relationships with women, is one of the most important aspect in a man's life. This is what happened to my clients Ben after only ONE session with me)

I felt like this was [Ivan] at his peak, he controlled this hypnosis so skillfully. I really can’t remember much of what happened exactly, but I know I felt confident afterwards.

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"So where does the Money Magnet Coach go for coaching herself? Well, to the Money Magnet Guy of course! Seriously, Ivan is one of the best coaches I've worked with. Like me he believes that the fastest route to success and happiness and wealth is through clearing whats in the way of our true magnificence. Ivan is highly intuitive, very professional and easy to work with. The sessions are extremely powerful and thoroughly enjoyable, I can not recommend him highly enough"

(Context: I have coached Marie-Clare Carlyle, Hay House published author of "How to Become a Money Magnet" and renowned UK coach, who has hired me to coach her through an ambitious project she was involved in. This is what said about the coaching with me (Money Magnet Guy was my Twitter handle))

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