Here are some of the most common issues men face nowadays:

  • The are stuck in a job or profession they don't like (anymore), but don't know what else to do or how to do it
  • The know what they want, but are held back by self-doubt, lack of confidence and belief in themselves. On top of that they don't believe that they can go against their upbringing, society standards face judgment from those around them.
  • There are a number of seeming external obstacles, why they can't live the life they want, such as not having the resources (money, times), the mundane daily tasks and responsibilities distract them from focusing on what truly matters.
  • They hold on tightly to their old way of life and although not happy at all, they are at least have stability and security of their comfort zone
  • They have a feeling that "time is running out", because they don't seem to progress towards a fulfilling life.

And do yo recognise yourself in at least one of these? Then we should talk!

“Amazing, truly amazing! I am stunned over what happened! There is a clear before and after for me! When I received a calling to become a priest, I experienced the same thing now actually!”

- Andreas, Sweden


The effects of staying in the stuck state long term can be devastating! It can start from frustration, impatience, disappointment and go all the way to resentment, anger, resignation and full fledged depression! Believe me, I know what I'm talking about, because I've been there!!

For many years, I denied myself the life of freedom, passion and fulfilment by being stuck in a negative spiral of lack of self-worth, belief in myself and finally resignation from all hope. Yet, I was able to overcome this seemingly perpetual state! It took me years of exploration, work on myself and investing 10s of thousands in my personal development.

And you can do it too!! The result is truly worth it! Believe me, when I tell you that you can live a life full of:

You jump out of bed every day, knowing that you are living the life you were meant to live, you are doing what you love and helping the world by doing so, which gives your life further meaning

You have a deep sense of fulfilment and satisfaction, that you are living your mission and on a path to creating something bigger than yourself.

Even if you have obstacles and challenges, you are motivated and even excited to tackle them. It gives you a thrill of feeling alive!

You feel the feeling of freedom and lightness, because you are doing exactly what you love and have wanted to do for a long time.

You are empowered, confident and passionate and feel a drive to reach a new level of success, fulfilment and freedom in your life and the lives of your loved ones.

Are you ready to break through to the other side? Then let's talk!

"From slightly resistant I saw my vision change into clarity and centeredness"

- Johan, The Netherlands

My Philosophy and Coaching Methods

You already know your Purpose!

That's right! I truly believe, that we all already have the information why we were put here on this earth and what is our unique contribution to the world!

Yet, over the years we have gathered countless layers of conditioning and beliefs, that have buried this knowledge. I also call them "misunderstanding" (because they are wrong information that you have assumed to be true). You might have heard from your parents "you should get a stable job that pays the bills so you can provide for your family", or "you should first do what you must, and only then what you want". Maybe you grew up in a household, where your parents worked their butts off and you learned that life only consists of hard, unpleasant work. Maybe you already tried to go for what you wanted when you were in teenager, but got scolded for "being unrealistic". There are countless other examples.

Know Your Values!

We all have a fundamental hierarchy of values. Whether you know it or not, you are automatically drawn towards your values and the results in your life are the exact mirror image of your values.

If you don't know your values and try to go against them, you will feel resistance, resentment, frustration, anger, anxiety. You will be procrastinating and disorganized.

When you know your values and align your life with them, you will feel inspired, empowered and will not feel like you have to put so much effort into your actions!

  • In order to find and connect to your Purpose, we need to get fully determine your values and decide how you will contribute to the world fulfilling these values. Then you need to resolve any misunderstandings that you have acquired over the years that go against your values.

I use a unique combination of NLP, Hypnosis and EFT Tapping to get through your conditioning and reach right into your Purpose. Together we will begin of peel off the layers of misunderstandings and align your life with your values, so you can feel liberated, fulfilled and powerful.

Purpose-Driven Life Design!

Let's assume that you already know your Purpose. Now you will probably want to create a life that is centred around your Purpose. This is what I call Purpose-Driven Life Design. This is a process of consciously changing every area of your life, so that it is directed towards living your Purpose. The Purpose-Driven Life Design process consists of the following steps:

  • First step is to determine your hierarchy of values. Once you know that, you can also write down your Purpose statement and start working on your vision. This is the foundation of starting your journey of Purpose-Driven Life Design.
  • Once you know your Purpose and your Values and start working on your Vision, you can create what I call your "Job Description for Life". This is a set of properties that are based on your values and that your Purpose-Driven life and your actions should have so that you would feel aligned with your values, passions and needs.

    Then you need to evaluate, where in your life you are still not following your values and to align all parts of your life with your values,

  • This is where the real work starts! Now you begin the process of resolving the misunderstandings and inner conflicts that you have gathered over the years. Discover where you have been following some one elses values and to create, on a subconiscous level, new possibilities and options in your life, so that you follow your OWN values.

In fact, most of the work will be focused on number 3. Once you can resolve the misunderstandings and inner conflicts, your life will begin to automatically shift towards your Purpose, since you have already given yourself the instructions to follow your purpose and vision in step number 1.

  • Interested in starting your Purpose-Driven Life Design Process? Let's talk!

“Gained a clearer picture of what life’s been calling me to do and gained a better, stronger focus in just a few days of working on Ivan’s advice and expertise. Self-awareness up a big notch!”

- Dan, United Kingdom your text in this area