I have been going through a fascinating creative process lately of uncovering parts of me that have been exhibiting undesired behaviours and aligning them to create a clear direction towards my purpose.

You see, one of my big obstacles in life, was the fact that I have been quite distracted at times and having difficulty keeping one course. Now I was curious to get in touch with this part and talk to it and find out what was the positive intention behind this behaviour.

What came out was nothing short of amazing! Because, my part clearly communicated what it needs in order to be fully focused and stop creating these distractions.

The process was a bit complicated and involved previous times of me working on this, but as a "side effect" came out a new concept that I came up with that is at the core of living ones Purpose!

I call it "The Job Description For Life".

So, what is this and what's the difference with your Purpose?

Well, as we do in my Purpose-Driven Warrior Workshops, your Purpose is a clear one sentence statement, that is describing what you are meant to do in your life.

A Job Description For Life on the other hand, is a list of properties and specific "ingredients", coming from your values that make up how you approach living your Purpose.

For example, if your Purpose is to lead people to a deeper understanding of their Purpose, so they can be empowered and start believing in themselves", your Job Description could contain for following elements:

  • I explore in depth the science of human behaviour, so that I can come up with crystal clear systems of human change, find order in complexity and abstraction (values: depth and order)
  • I am working with a team, going through curious explorations of creative solutions (value: collaboration)
  • I have a unique approach that I have developed from my own experience working with people, that made difference in the lives of many people (value: individuality)
  • etc.

So, I hope you get the point now of the difference. The process of coming up with your Job Description is a creative one, involving finding your hierarchy of values and your needs to satisfy these values (for example, if your value is beauty, the means to get there might be to create order in complexity).

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