On this site, I mostly talk about smart tricks and techniques to direct your brain towards what's taking you to your desired destination.

Yet, sometimes smart techniques need to be put aside and we need to confront ourselves with the hard facts.

Yesterday I was again reviewing my purpose statement because I felt a bit lost with this project and certain other aspects of my life.

At times my mind is playing tricks with me and starting to divert me into a possibility of an easier path of stable income (like, yeah, I know math, I could just learn programming and make good money).

And every time I start looking into these possibilities, I immediately realise, that by doing so, I will undermine my spirit!

I have set a goal to build a community for men, to lead and to inspire them to live their best lives in accordance to their purpose (or what ever name you want to give it, missions, dream, values etc.).

Us men need guidance nowadays, because there are a lot of things that try to confuse us and stray from our paths and our masculine duties!

I hear a lot from people: "my main issue is to find focus. I know what I want, but this lack of focus keeps sabotaging my progress".

There are various reasons for this phenomenon. Of course all the distractions by social media and communication channels out there is a very obvious one.

Then there is your inner child screaming at you telling you that it wants to play and not work (a big one in my case!)

All these distractions have a cause that's deep inside of us and we can do some practices to help make it better (grounding, trauma healing etc.).

Yet, sometimes all you need to do, is to remind yourself of WHY you started this journey and what values do you want to live out.

Sometimes, we need to remind ourselves of our Warrior within! A part of us that is oh so repressed many times in this day and age.

But don't be mistaken! We are all warriors! And we need to remind ourselves that if we want to accomplish our goals, we have to FIGHT for our DREAMS.

We have to remind ourselves to get up stronger when we fall down or get hit in the face!

We need to remind ourselves that no one ever achieved their dream by whining and making excuses.

We need to cherish our dreams and desires and our Purpose and know that it's a matter of honour to be in the battle field and come out of it in victory, bleeding, wounded, scarred, but as a winner!

All of you have probably seen the movie "Rambo" (one or all of them). It's a classic action movie, where the hero goes through hell to accomplish his mission. He is bruised, wounded, bleeding covered in dirt. Yet, there he stands, with all his enemies dead and his mission accomplished.

Bother, it's time to be Rambo for your dreams!

Now I'm curious, what actions have you taken lately despite of resistance, obstacles or pain that have led you closer to your dreams? Comment below!

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