- Petr Hrabe, Czech Republic

I had an incredible experience yesterday! Last few days I felt really down and unmotivated. I felt like everything I’m doing is useless. I continued with EFT and LifeFlow because I just want to stick to my resolutions. I’ve been doing this meditation for 2 weeks but hadn’t feel anything. Yesterday it was different! After some time I just felt absolutely amazing feeling! I don’t how to describe it. It was so beautiful that it can’t be described in words. I just felt total peace and calm, my mind went quiet, no thoughts, worries, problems… It was amazing! Is started crying with joy… I haven’t never felt something like this

“Amazing, truly amazing! I am stunned over what happened! There is a clear before and after for me! When I received a calling to become a priest, I experienced the same thing now actually!”

- Andreas, Sweden

"From slightly resistant I saw my vision change into clarity and centeredness"

- Johan, The Netherlands

"It was a really good workshop. Learn many things. Outcome of it give us purpose for life. What we really want to do."

- Sainath, India

“Gained a clearer picture of what life’s been calling me to do and gained a better, stronger focus in just a few days of working on Ivan’s advice and expertise. Self-awareness up a big notch!”

- Dan, United Kingdom

 "I had some amazing experiences that helped me to get to know my purpose."

- Stephan, Germany

Success Stories from Other Areas such as Dating and Money Mindset

"I have been doing coaching sessions with Ivan. On the first session the first thing I noticed was Ivan helped me to make connections between the problems I am having and memories from my past, a few times I have been like “wow” because I never realized that connection before. In our first session we looked at some early memories of my first 2 girlfriends and some emotions attached to that that were quite painful and have been effecting me all my life. I went from the session feeling relaxed and that weekend I met a girl in a club and went out with her, slept with her straight away and am having a great time seeing her. I believe this was due to me clearing out some negative memories and doing EFT with Ivan. Another thing that stands out is this is the first new girl in a few years. Before that I had just been seeing a couple of girls from my past occasionally and sleeping with them and not being that happy because they were low quality. I believe that coaching with Ivan is valuable and am able to explore things that I wasn’t able to find myself when doing EFT alone, which is why I have chosen to do more sessions with him"

- Ben, Australia

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“For years I have been struggling with game. My approaches rarely had any effect or results. The old saying of just ‘pushing through the pain’ did not work as I usually ended up hitting a brick wall, leading to a solemn eventless night. But with only one session from Ivan, I was energized, and happy within. I was approaching and opening effortlessly! In moving forward and improving your outer game, you first have to fix that inner part thats inside, and thats what the program of masculine freedom is allowing me to do.”

- Rafal, Canada

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"The hypnotism, wow. (I’ve felt a different person ever since it was done.) I woke up the next day feeling completely relaxed and I don’t care. (Weird feeling huh?) I even started to develop a new life philosophy as I was sitting there revolving around just going for things I want. I usually dislike approaching women without a wing, but now, it’s been different, my attitude is… if this girl is cute, and she’s got a good personality, and I like her, why the hell not approach her. The worst thing to happen is I’m going to get cracked on. The best is I might meet someone who I really connect too. I just approach any girl I find attractive now. (9s and 10s watch out.)"

- Marc, Canada

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"Ivan is one of the best coaches I’ve worked with. Like me he believes that the fastest route to success and happiness and wealth is through clearing whats in the way of our true magnificence. Ivan is highly intuitive, very professional and easy to work with. The sessions are extremely powerful and thoroughly enjoyable, I can not recommend him highly enough”

- Marie-Claire Carlyle, Renowned UK Coach and Author of "How to Become A Money Magnet" (Hay House Publications)

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