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Attention MEN...It's Time To:

Go From Stuck to Knowing Your Life Purpose in 4 Days

During this ACTION PACKED workshop I will be walking you through a powerful process for life design, where you will:

Gain crystal clarity about your true life's purpose

Get a 4 step blueprint for leveraging your purpose for a life of more fulfilment, money and freedom

Find the ONE thing that is holding you back from fully living a life of purpose and how to go from unsure to unstoppable

Discover your values and how to use them as rocket fuel for true motivation in life

Walk out with an actionable plan to redesign your life according to your purpose

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It's finally time to create a real breakthrough in your life, by finding and leveraging your true purpose for a life of more fulfilment, money and freedom!

This workshop is for you if...

You feel stuck in life and don't know how to get out

You are confused by the crazy events happening around you and think that it's time for a change

You know that you deserve a better life, but lack the clarity and motivation to act

You have a little voice deep inside you, telling that you are destined to do something important in this world, but have no idea how to implement this in your life

You already know what you want, but need more clarity and a push to move to the next level in life

YES! I'm Ready to Create a Breakthrough in My Life! 

What Others Say About The Purpose-Driven Warrior Workshop

   "Amazing, truly amazing! I am stunned over what happened! There is a clear before and after for me! When I received a calling to become a priest, I experienced the same thing now actually!" - Andreas D., Sweden.

"Gained a clearer picture of what life's been calling me to do and gained a better, stronger focus in just a few days of working on Ivan's advice and expertise. Self-awareness up a big notch!" - Dan B., UK

 "I had some amazing experiences that helped me to get to know my purpose." - Stephan A., Germany

 "Engaging fun and with purpose." - Matty D., Germany

Here's what we are going to cover during this FREE LIVE Workshop:


Sharpen your Vision!

Learn a simple but astonishingly effective routine, that will shape your vision day by day

I will guide you through a hypnotic process that will activate your hidden source of motivation and clarity for your vision


Find your core obstacle!

We all have ONE mental or seemingly practical obstacle that is preventing us from moving to a life aligned with our purpose. If you are able to remove this obstacle, you will catapult your life to the next level.

Learn about your hidden resistance, negative emotional patterns from the past and your unhealed trauma.

I will teach you a ninja-6-step technique from NLP that can clear your resistance in 30 minutes.


Find your Values!

If you know your values and align your life with them, you will have a life of happiness and fulfilment. Without knowing your values, you can not live out your true purpose.

Together, we will go through a powerful procedure, where you will find your first values.


Find your Purpose!

Today we are going to connect to our heart and feel through to the purpose.

I am going to guide you through a deep meditation, during which you will get a crystal clear vision of your purpose in front of you.

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YES! I'm Ready to Create a Breakthrough in My Life! 

About Your Host: Ivan Dynov

I'm Ivan Dynov, a life coach for men, who want to take their life to the next level, find their purpose and have more fulfilment, money and freedom. I have been in the world of personal development and coaching since 2006.

I'm a certified NLP Practitioner (Sociaty of NLP of Richard Bandler). a trained EFT Tapping and Hypnosis Coach. I have worked with numerous men around the world and helped them lead more happy, fulfilled and successful lives.

I am the Founder and CEO of the company Masculine Freedom. This name has a special meaning to me. I belive that freedom is an essential value for a man to be truly authentic to himself and others around him and to lead the meaningful life that he desires and deserves.

If you feel stuck in life, with a lack of direction or meaning, I can help!

Join the Purpose-Driven Warrior Workshop and find our how to create a breakthrough to a life of purpose!

See you on "the other side"!

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