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Attention MEN...It's Time To:

Go From Stuck to Knowing Your Life Purpose in 4 Days

During this ACTION PACKED workshop I will be walking you through a powerful process for life design, where you will:

✅ Gain crystal clarity about your true life's purpose

✅ Discover how to ignite that spark that makes you jump out of bed every day to work on your grand vision

✅ Find out what your values are and how to use them as rocket fuel for true motivation in life

✅ Learn how to create a financially empowered life, while living your purpose

✅ Hear about the highly effective purpose-driven life design method and become a leader of your own magnificent life.

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We get started LIVE March 15-18 (7pm - 8pm Berlin time, 1pm EST)

"My experience with The Purpose-Driven Warrior Workshop was both exciting and eye-opening. The outline was well planned and the exercises fairly easy to follow, while the live sessions also included a walk-through of each of the steps to ensure that everyone understood and were able to follow along with the group. The end result is knowing that I can better connect with my own values, purpose, and healing any barriers or trauma that may be standing in the way of designing the life I choose to live." - Tim L from USA.

This workshop is for you if...

You feel stuck in life and don't know how to get out

❌ You have tried many things in life, but can't seem to find that spark that drives you and you feel like time is running out

❌ You know that you deserve a better life, but lack the clarity and motivation to act

❌ You are "spiritually drained", you feel like you have a calling to impact people's lives and the world, but don't know what it is.

❌ You already know what you want, but need more clarity and a push to move to the next level in life

YES! I'm Ready to Create a Breakthrough in My Life! 

What Others Say About The Purpose-Driven Warrior Workshop

   "Amazing, truly amazing! I am stunned over what happened! There is a clear before and after for me! When I received a calling to become a priest, I experienced the same thing now actually!" - Andreas D., Sweden.

"Gained a clearer picture of what life's been calling me to do and gained a better, stronger focus in just a few days of working on Ivan's advice and expertise. Self-awareness up a big notch!" - Dan B., UK

 "I had some amazing experiences that helped me to get to know my purpose." - Stephan A., Germany

 "Engaging fun and with purpose." - Matty D., Germany

"From slightly resistant I saw my vision change into clarity and centeredness" - Johan O., The Netherlands

"It was a really good workshop. Learn many things. Outcome of it give us purpose for life. What we really want to do." - Sainath M., India

"It was a really good workshop. Learn many things. Outcome of it give us purpose for life. What we really want to do." - Sainath M., India

Here's what we are going to cover during this FREE LIVE Workshop:


Know WHO you are - Your Values

Define the most fundamental aspect of yourself - Your Values. This will allow you to know EXACTLY what you can do and how you can structure your life, to be fulfilled, intrinsically motivated and naturally driven in life.

I will show you a simple, yet profound 5-question-procedure for finding your values.


Heal Your "Old Wounds" - Emotional Mastery

Throughout the years, we have been taught to believe, that we have to follow some one else's values (parents, school, religion, etc.).

Now that you know your values, you will be SHOCKED at how you have been living some one else's life most of your life!

This created a subconscious "trauma", that led to feelings of self-doubt, frustration, anger and shame.

In this session, I will teach you a method to access those "old wounds" and heal them and transcend to a feeling of fulfilment, joy and empowerment.


Find your WHY - Your Purpose

It's finally time. You are going to write down a purpose - statement based on the previous two sessions (your purpose is directly related to your highest value).

I will also teach you a way how to go really deep into defining your Purpose, using the be-do-have method


Purpose-Driven Income Creation - Money Mastery

One of the main obstacles I hear from guys is that they don't believe they can create a substantial income from their purpose.

In this session, I will teach you about your hidden "money programs" and how they block your financial success, while you live your purpose.

I will teach you how you can create a financially empowered purpose-driven experience.


Surpirse BONUS session!

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YES! I'm Ready to Create a Breakthrough in My Life! 

About Your Host: Ivan Dynov

I'm Ivan Dynov, a life coach for men, who want to take their life to the next level, find their purpose and have more fulfilment, money and freedom. I have been in the world of personal development and coaching since 2006.

I'm a certified NLP Practitioner (Sociaty of NLP of Richard Bandler). a trained EFT Tapping and Hypnosis Coach and as of recently certified Dr. John Demartini Values Facilitator. I have worked with numerous men around the world and helped them lead more happy, fulfilled and successful lives.

I am the Founder and CEO of the company The Purpose-Driven Warrior. I believe that in these tumultuous times, the most powerful way for a man to stay confident, fulfilled and powerful, is to know his purpose! This is why I made this the focus on my work.

If you feel stuck in life, with a lack of direction or meaning, I can help!

Join the Purpose-Driven Warrior Workshop and find our how to create a breakthrough to a life of purpose!

See you on "the other side"!

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